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AMT receives German Brand Award ’16


We are very proud to announce that our brand, “The world´s best* pan” was awarded with the distinguished German Brand Award.

We would like to share our success with you as our partner. Take advantage of our expansion course and use this opportunity to privilege us in helping you increase your turnover with “The world´s best* pan”.

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AMT is seeking for gold


We are proudly nominated for the German Design Award 2016. We sent our induction Square Pan E285BBQ into the race. With our BBQ line we combined our standard high quality characteristics, such as the guaranteed warp free base and the fantastic non-stick effect of our Lotan coating with the possibility of giving your favoured grill food the perfect BBQ look. Using AMT BBQ products a dried out steak in the attempt to get that nice diamond shape belongs to the past. With AMT BBQ products you only need to fry your meat once on each side and voila! BBQ at world championship level – from AMT

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